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Build a profitable AND Exceptional business, so you can Have a long and successful career, doing what you love.

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After forty years behind the camera, Andy is now sharing everything he has learned not only about photography, but also about running a successful business.

Through a mixture of live sessions, pre-recorded content, and guest interviews Andy will share his most valued learnings from the last four decades, with sessions on brand, business, and the art of balancing life and work.

Andy will let you in on the highs and lows, his biggest wins and biggest challenges, to help you build your business, with guest speakers and experts offering their wisdom along the way.

This workshop is about more than photography; It is about taking risks as you strive for success and how to follow your own dreams.

Despite spending four decades in the field, photographing some of the biggest names in sports, Andy shared that he spent less than 10% of all that time behind the viewfinder. The other 90% was spent running and growing the business.

Join Andy live across 5 sessions over 4 weeks, as well as watching 12 recorded videos and exclusive guest vodcasts, to learn everything that Andy has to share about business, entrepreneurship, creative energy, motivation, and understanding that there is no ceiling to what you can accomplish. 

This isn’t a photography workshop, and it won’t tell you which camera to buy or which lens is best.

This is a workshop to help you change the way you run your business.


Who is this for?

- Entrepreneurs
- Business Owners
- Career Photographers
- Carrer Switchers
- Fans of the Game

Simply put, it's for you!

If you’re feeling stuck, or uninspired, you’re just starting out or you need an injection of inspiration into your business, this workshop is for you.

You don’t have to be a photographer, you don’t have to work with images, but what you do have to be is committed to your own development and the growth of your business, passionate to the point of obsession, and excited for what your future holds.

Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur or you’re seeking a change of direction, this workshop will empower you and equip you to go and achieve your dreams.

What can you expect?

- Enter a unique online gathering.
- See your business through a whole new lens.
- Explore 12 topics over 4 weeks.
- Enjoy exclusive vodcast conversations with a diverse and eclectic group of fascinating humans.
- Join weekly live sessions with Andy.
- Learn how to apply the Principles to your work and life.


Recorded Sessions


Exclusive Vodcasts


Live Sessions

Lifetime Access


This isn't a generic business workshop; it's crafted from Andy's 40+ years of documenting professional sports, Andy will talk about the business of having been and still being a professional photographer.

I'm not going to promise I have all the answers.
I don't.
What I do have is a wealth of valuable experience that I think can help you equip yourself with the right mindset and tools to tackle the challenges you will face with making a decent living from your craft.
I wish someone had whispered these things into my ear earlier in my professional career.

Live Sessions

To ensure you are on the right track, join Andy on interactive live sessions, where he'll answer your questions and talk about topics you decided.

I've been taking pictures since I was 14 years old, and I think most important of all, you'll learn how to navigate the expensive challenges I've faced, saving colossal amounts of money, time and emotional stress.

Our Amazing Guests

Andy doesn't have all the answers, and so we are inviting a hand picked group of incredible people into the workshop to fill in the gaps and build upon the core lessons.


Recorded Sessions


Exclusive Vodcasts


Live Sessions

Lifetime Access

Who Is Andy?

Like many of the professional athletes he photographs, Andrew D. Bernstein is recognized as an All-Star in his field. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame named Bernstein a 2018 Curt Gowdy Award recipient, acknowledging his contributions to basketball media.

With 40+ years documenting professional sports and running a highly successful business alongside if you want to learn about doing business in the real world, there is no-one in a better position to show you how than Andy.

In the news

What He'll show you

You’ll learn the business of business and how to balance it all.

Across the 12 weeks, we’ll work through 12 different themes and topics, ranging from integrity and professionalism to following your path and dream. We will talk about the highs and the lows, how to deal with them and how to grow your business as an entrepreneur.

We’ll talk about failure, second-changes, career-pivoting, and how we can all learn from these things and these curveballs that come our way.

Across the workshop series, we will tap into the four pillars of The Mamba Mentality, from the book of the same name.

These pillars are:


Be truly obsessed with what you do.


Seek people out who know more than you do.


Never stop, never settle, the relentless pursuit of greatness.


Find your inner strength and learn to come back stronger than ever.

Are you ready to Build a profitable AND Exceptional business, so you can Have a long and successful career, doing what you love?

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Your questions answered

Where can I hear more about this workshop?

You can listen to this podcast recorded earlier this year here:

Why should I take this workshop and not a traditional business workshop?

Theory is great in theory but experience gained through practice is where the real gold is found. Andy has spent 40+ years learning these lessons in a real life environment, and the lessons he has learned are not found in a text book or classroom.

Why take this workshop now?

9-5 isn't working. Recent trends show that the vast majority of people are not engaged at work, would take a new job if there was the right offer and are more likely than ever to leave altogether and build something on their own.

There's never been a better time to work for yourself and build something incredible. Andy is here to make that a reality.

I’m not a photographer, is this for me?

This isn’t a photography workshop, so yes. This workshop is for creative entrepreneurs in any field, looking to better understand the world of business, and how to make yourself seen, known, and stand out in the field you work in.

Will I get access to the content for life?

It’s yours to keep forever, and to revisit whenever you’d like. You’ll get access to all of the content including recordings at the end of the worksop, and we hope you’ll come back to them time and time again.

Will there be an opportunity to ask questions?

During the live sessions, questions are absolutely encouraged. It’s an interactive session and an option to get expert opinion on whatever you’re facing as an entrepreneur.

I’m just getting started as an entrepreneur, can I join?

Absolutely. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started on your journey, there will be something for you included in the workshop series.

I've been in this business for years, is this for me?

Absolutely. There is always time to discover a better way.

Where will the sessions be held?

The live sessions will be live online, the vodcasts will be able to view on demand, and the pre-recorded content will be emailed to you every Saturday. It will also be available via our private community group so you can have access to everything in one place.

Will there be replays available?

If you are not able to attend live, there will be replays available. If you can, we would encourage you to come and join the live sessions, to meet and speak with Andy, as well as the other business owners and entrepreneurs in the workshop.

Can I access this from anywhere?

Yes. That's the beauty of online technology.

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